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About WebHostingStuff

WebHostingStuff was born in the summer of 2004. In those years, there weren't any established hosting directories that published independent user reviews of web hosts.

WebHostingStuff became the first established web hosting directory that accepted and published reviews about web hosts - written by real customers - and not a bunch of directory editors.

Today, WebHostingStuff is one of the largest and most trusted web hosting directories on the Internet ... providing user reviews and uptime history reports on 16,000 hosting companies.

How WebHostingStuff Rank Web Hosts

WebHostingStuff ranks web hosts using WHSRank™ - a powerful ranking algorithm that ranks web hosting companies based on the quality of services they had provided to REAL customers.

The main engine behind WHSRank™ are the verified customers reviews published on WebHostingStuff. WHSRank™ uses these customers reviews to calculate a quality score for each web host.

We only allow real past or present customers of a web host to post reviews. We also maintain a high level of integrity for our reviews using transparent editorial guidelines.

In their reviews, customers rate each web hosts based on quality factors such as:
  • Uptime and service reliability
  • Technical support
  • Customer service
WHSRank™ uses these quality signals to calculate the quality score for each web host.
Web hosts are then ranked according to their WHSRank™ quality scores. Other quality signals used by the WHSRank™ algorithm include uptime.

WebHostingStuff Reviews

WebHostingStuff is proud to have one of the largest pool of REAL web hosting reviews on the Internet.
Since our directory covers 16,000 hosting companies, you can usually find reviews on the specific company that you are researching on.

Unlike other hosting directories that allow reviews from anyone - without any form of verification - WebHostingStuff requires reviewers to verify their email addresses before their reviews are published.
Reviewers also need to provide detailed information in their reviews such as the domain hosted, length of hosting, current billing status, etc.

In addition, we enforce strict but transparent editorial guidelines on what reviews we find inappropriate.

WebHostingStuff Uptime Monitoring

WebHostingStuff started monitoring the uptime performance of web hosts since 2005.

WebHostingStuff is the only web hosting directory that independently tracks the uptime of 16,000 web hosting companies.

Downtimes are costly for an e-commerce website.
By making our uptime data publicly available for free, we believe we can help users decide if a web host may be suitable for their uptime requirements.